E3 Productions is one of the Northern Territory's leading providers of entertainment and event solutions.

We live and work by our mantra, "Excellence, Events, Entertainment" and we believe in delivering the highest quality product possible.


We are licensed dealers for some of the most respected brands in the events and entertainment industry. We will design, case, build, test and train you on a system tailor made to suit your needs.

E3 Productions is not a standard music store, we are a deliverer of turnkey solutions and systems to the venues, schools, churches and musicians of Darwin.

Some of our recomended products include:

  • Shure
  • Midas
  • Black Magic
  • Epson
  • Atem
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Save our planet: Eco Friendly


At E3, we care about the environment and leaving a lasting positive impression for future generations. That is why we, at E3 stock only high end, low power consumption audio, lighting and video systems. Where older companies will use a 1000w plus tungsten or discharge lamps we use an LED source which draws less than a tenth of the power with a brighter output. All of our speakers use Class D digital amplifiers which is not only more stable but a fraction of the power again.

Our green initiatives don’t stop with production equipment. We work almost exclusively paperless in our office and warehouse. All crew members are equipped with ipads to manage bookings and pull sheets and we are looking to invest exclusively in hybrid vehicles for our fleet.

Chat to our team about making your next event "Carbon Neutral" with zero negative impact on the environment.

Event Production

‘A smooth event is a good event’ is a mantra we live by at E3 Productions. The last thing you want at your event is speakers feeding back or projectors not working. At E3 Productions we use our years of experience to make sure your event runs smoothly. All of our systems are designed by us and tailored made for the industry and events. Our equipment is all brand new and in amazing condition.

E3 productions manages the sales, rentals and service of Big Screen Video NT. Big Screen Video NT is the largest provider and stockist of LED screens in the Northern Territory. With over 150sqm of LED screens available for hire we can cater to any event of any size.

Venue Services

Whether your venue is in need of a facelift, your unhappy with the limited response from the initial installer or you want to breath new life into your current install, E3 Productions is your one stop shop. We are trusted with designing, managing and servicing the production assets of the largest venue in the NT, Discovery Darwin as well as many other venues around town.

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